Our Story. In 30 Seconds.

Mr B & Friends is a creative agency: brand, advertising, digital, marketing. We think, we design, we execute. We get results. You get the picture.

We’ve successfully been in business since 2006 and work with some of the UK’s most ambitious brands, from household names to innovative SMEs.

Our agency mantra: Where next? guides our thinking.

It reminds us every day that standing still isn’t an option. Our clients, their markets, our people and our business need to continually evolve. Asking this question in everything we do ensures that we’re always challenging, always curious.

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What to expect

After 10 years, we’ve finally worked out why our clients rate us so highly.
It’s the consistent and dogged application of these three traits…

We’re Bright

You know that magic moment when you meet people who ask the right questions, offer the sharpest opinions, who demonstrate emotional and rational intelligence and build on your own knowledge? It sounds big headed, but we’ve worked obsessively to put in place the brightest people in the business.

Infectious Energy

A meeting with us should be the highlight of your week. We love the difference we can make, and we enjoy getting our teams and our clients fired up whenever we can. We’re a company with a soul and love to express ourselves.

Pride in our work

Ok, so we’re clever and energetic. But that’s not enough – craft in everything we do speaks volumes. It’s not just about the creative and production either. It’s everything – your whole experience with Mr B & Friends from initial contact to delivery.

Let's get down to brass tacks

There’s only so much a website can tell you. If you’d like to experience a bit of what you’ve seen here, these are the people to speak to.


To discuss where next for your brand, contact our CEO Simon Barbato

+44 (0) 117 4400 600


Our Executive Creative Director Steve Richardson would be delighted to discuss your creative challenges

+44 (0) 117 4400 600

Customer Experience

If CX is on your mind, get in touch with Charlie Williams, CEO of CXCo

+44 (0) 117 4400 600