The best Away Day yet? Celebrating our future vision and strategy.

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By Georgia Adsett 1 week ago

On Wednesday, we headed off to Bailbrook House for our annual Away Day gathering. It was a rare opportunity to get everyone together and celebrate our achievements from the last year, highlight our goals for the next and recognise stellar performances from the team in our ‘Mr B awards’ ceremony.

After hitting up the posh tea selection, we all took our seats to receive a warm welcome from Mr B himself. The morning saw us get a round-up of the past year’s business activity, give a friendly ‘Mr B welcome’ to the new faces among us and hear each team present some of the great campaigns and clients that we’ve had the pleasure of working on/with over the last year.

Looking to the future

Steve and Si also shared the agency’s business strategy and creative vision with the team, which was met with excitement in the room. Acknowledging our continued growth and ever-strong creative and digital offering, we left the morning feeling re-energised, focussed and committed to working in a more streamlined way both internally and with clients.

Simon and Steve

Creative presentations stole the show

We took to the lunch buffet like hungry beasts, before heading back for an afternoon of Pecha-Kucha style presentations. Pecha-Kucha talks work in the form of 20 slides each lasting for 20 seconds each, so time was of the essence!

First up were tales of persistence and ambition from Tom and Luke. They spoke about some challenges that they’d overcome – from surfing accidents, to relocation abroad, proving a can-do attitude is all about positive mindset and determination.

Next up, Aphra and Andy wowed us with a cleverly-spun presentation featuring pop-culture lyrics and quotes around the theme of teamwork and communication, in order to highlight how we can be more aware and more efficient with our processes – before finishing with a rendition of “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour…” (Name that tune!)

Last but by no means least, Sheena and Sophie took to the stage, to unleash their inner Shakespeare. Their entire presentation took the form of a rhyming poem, keeping us hanging on their every word as they delivered great insights on projects that they had demonstrated ownership with.

Business challenges. Get, set, go!

We then got our heads together on a number of business challenges. Divided into small groups of differing teams and experience levels, we all chipped in to discuss business challenges and solutions, before presenting back a ten-minute pitch to the group on how best to tackle each challenge. The most inspiring ideas were noted to steer future ways of working.

Take a bow – Mr B Awards

A great way to round off the day, we then moved on to our Mr B awards – a chance to recognise excellent work and performances among the team. A special mention was given to some of Mr B’s longest standing members – Sheena, Monika and Sarah D for their hard work over the years, before moving on to the award presentation. We’d like to wish a huge congratulations to our winners!

Creative Thinking Award – Adam Partridge

Best Newcomer Award – Neil Lenihan

Best Friend Award – Chris Tozer

Where Next Award – Sara Foley

Mr B’s Award – Sheena Mistry

Our award winners will be jetting off to Amsterdam for lunch, as a treat for going above and beyond this year.

Creative Thinking Award

Best newcomer award

Best Friend Award

Where Next Award

Mr B Award

The after-party at Mr B towers

Once the day was done, we headed back to Mr B towers for a BBQ feast and drinks. Shout-outs must go to Luke Piasecki and Neil Lenihan for their dedicated stints on the BBQ, and to Had Armitstead for her killer moves on the dancefloor. We’d also like to give a huge thanks to the Operations team for organising such a brilliant day and evening. A fantastic way to celebrate great work with great friends.

A tip for next year though… beware of the rum punch!

Luke bbq

Luke, aka the BBQ king!

Sheena smiling

The birthday girl, Sheena

Adam Partridge and Steve Richardson

Adam, Strategy Director and Steve, Executive Creative Director

Girls smiling

Rosie, Designer and Georgia, Junior Planner

Smiling in sunglasses

Tom, Designer

Digital Director, Rob

Rob doing his best blue steel impression with a face full of hotdog…


CEO Si and Account Executive Sophie snapping a cheeky Selfie