How do you make a beer to really stand out, and stand for something.

When Dan Lowe asked us to help give their new craft brewing company a brand identity, we got excited. But in a world where craft beer is ‘the new black’, there was only one question on everyone’s lips.

What makes this craft beer any different?


It would be rude not to…

Kicking things off with an in depth discovery and conception process, we analysed the market, interviewed the target audience and found out exactly what that difference was. Then we sat down and had a beer.

“Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspire us to brew.”

Dan Lowe, Founder of Fourpure


Beer Bottles

Inspired by vintage passport stamps and the founders’ adventures, we gave Fourpure an exciting identity that hinted at wanderlust and globally inspired flavours, as well as their proud London heritage. A bold, earthy colour palette was selected to represent each variant and taste.

To prove the provenance and authenticity each beer has a date stamp and signature from the head brewer. The typeface of the identity is solid and masculine, hinting at airport IATA codes.

The wheat sheaf in the letter ‘O’ was developed to give standout on shelf.

Core Cans

Fourpure made the bold decision to be one of the first craft brewers in the UK to start canning their beer to preserve taste. To help maintain individuality, illustration was added to represent their place of inspiration and ingredients.

“Packaging is an artform. In three seconds we need to speak to the consumer and then the taste and experience of the product needs to deliver that to a tee. With Fourpure, the two work hand in hand”

Sheena Mistry
Design Director
Special seasonal cans

After the success of the core cans (and a little more travelling) Fourpure decided to launch small batch seasonal variants.

In the space of just three years, Fourpure has gone from strength to strength, making various sought after seasonal ales and expanding their brewing and production facilities.


“The team at Mr B & Friends have been a key partner in the creation and development of the Fourpure brand since its creation in 2013.

They continue to play a valuable role as we develop further products in a dynamic and competitive market.”

Dan Lowe
Founder of Fourpure



Now stocked in 320 M&S stores and dozens of pubs and bars across the UK.


Roux Brew bottles made for Michelin star restaurant owner Michel Roux.

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