Lafarge was a top manufacturer of dry walling in the UK and Europe.

Etex acquired the company and created Siniat. The result was an exciting new identity, alongside an established portfolio of products. However, there was one big problem. Nobody knew what Siniat did. Not only did Siniat need to build brand awareness, it also needed to build internal relations. We needed to educate Siniat’s target audience, as well as the people behind the brand.


Designing a new global website: one that can operate in fifty-eight countries across Europe and South America, and work across eight different languages.

A responsive site designed for users on the move. By allowing users to tailor content either by their own profession or project, we were able to channel and streamline the user journey. Giving only relevant information, at the right time.

A suite of globally recognised icons transcended language and simplified site navigation. Helping users reach Siniat’s recommended solution, swiftly.

Vision, Mission and Values

An engaging brand book, which outlined Siniat’s vision, mission and values, worked towards uniting their workforce and got employees excited about the future.

A programme of management aids, which included a Manager’s Toolkit and monthly briefing packs, further helped guide and support relationships within the team. Providing managers with the moral compass as well as the skills, policies and processes to be the best they can be.


“It’s been heartening to hear how, since the brand values were launched, the company has become ‘ones to watch’ in the Best Companies survey, with an 82% staff engagement rate”

Kate Gorringe
Creative Director
Mr B & Friends
Video Content

Bringing flat boards into rich media

To assist the Siniat sales team to break free from plodding A4 brochureware, we create product videos which bring their products into the real world. A sales job in under two minutes a piece.


We launched the Siniat Expedition truck, on a five-year nationwide tour of builders’ merchants

The mission was simple, to create a theme to help give builders the knowledge and skills they need to tackle any job, improve their reputation and watch their earnings grow.

In an industry renowned for its hairy backsides and grubby fingernails, we created a visual theme that stood out like a sore thumb.

Google Display Network impressions

Views on YouTube in 3 months

Bulldog Full Metal Stud campaign resulted in a 75% increase in sales.

Product naming and packaging

Can a range of compounds become a must have item?

When Siniat wanted to launch a new range of finish and repair compounds, focus groups involving builders and decorators revealed the resounding insight was simple. Just tell us what it does!

Introducing the IT Range. Joint IT, Fill IT, Patch IT and Finish IT. Bright, bold packaging with bags of shelf appeal made sure builders knew exactly what IT did.

Product Launch

Clarissa & Clive’s Tool Shed

The next step was to turn those compounds into a secret weapon and make them a toolbox essential. That’s where Clive & Clarissa come in, giving a lesson in bad DIY which only the It Range can rescue. We created a series of shareable video comedy – see IT in action for yourself.

“Mr B & Friends are an invaluable business partner. Their strategy demonstrates they 'get' us – our business plan, our vision and ambitions for the future – and coupled with a brilliant creative team, they are the best agency I have worked with in my entire career.”

Fiona O’Callaghan
Siniat, UK

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