News / 10.05.22 / 4 min read

A new face in motion

Ellie McChesney has joined the Mr B & Friends team as a Middleweight Motion Designer, as demand for motion and animation from clients continues to grow.

A new face in motion

Pic of Ellie McChesney

Ellie had Mr B & Friends on her radar for a while and she happened to make contact with Kate at the perfect time. She says, “I kept seeing work by Mr B & Friends appearing and I’d heard good feedback. So far it’s lived up to expectations. Everyone has been so friendly and seeing the creativity that’s in the studio at the moment has been really inspiring.” 

Ellie studied Classics at university before deciding that Motion Design was her true calling. She did a Masters in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University before landing a role for a company near Bristol. In her spare time she enjoys African dance and salsa and has recently bought her first house. 

Head of Animation, Louise Lepic says, “Motion is increasingly important to our clients and we’re delighted to have Ellie on board to add to our expertise in this area.”

Creative Director, Kate Gorringe, says “We’re so thrilled to have Ellie join our team, bringing the skills, can-do attitude and appetite to learn new things that is integral to the development of our motion offer.”

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director