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Brand helps hospital charities to join forces

Brand helps hospital charities to join forces

Mr B & Friends has created a vibrant brand transformation for two South West hospital charities as they merge into one.

The agency developed a brand positioning to strengthen the appeal of two charities as they combine under the new name of Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity. Formerly separated as Above & Beyond and Weston Area Charitable Trust, the charity will now support all 10 sites within University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW) beyond what the NHS is able to provide.

The distinctive new identity will provide a platform to launch the unified charity, engaging both new and existing supporters. Built from an organising thought of ‘Do great things’, the new brand shows the huge potential of the merger. The logo’s sunburst acts as a visual metaphor for the work the charity does. It radiates the positivity synonymous with the team’s approach to fundraising, creating a truly single-minded beacon for their brand. A playful, punchy tone of voice instils a dynamic sense of personality, resulting in an identity that’s hard to ignore.

In addition to the strategy and identity work, full brand guidelines have been provided for ongoing consistency, while Mr B & Friends has worked with the charity team to develop a range of assets, from on-site shop posters to website visuals.

The charity funds the little things that make a big difference and work with the Trust to provide healing environments and spaces which provide dignity, privacy and empathy. They also fund world-class technology, treatments, knowledge and medical research and champion equitable access for all patients.

Simon Barbato said: “From the first conversation we had with the team at Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity we could see the passion and dedication they brought to the organisation. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to use our brand expertise to translate their vision into a striking new identity that will raise awareness of the charity and enable them to further its fundraising abilities.”

Paul Kearney, chief executive of Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity and we wanted a new identity that radiates positivity and has a clear name to represent and reflect this partnership as we move forward. Mr B & Friends has really embraced our cause and this new look and we’re looking forward to being a bold, positive and energetic force across Bristol and Weston.”

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Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director