News / 14.03.19 / 4 min read

Curtis Banks website launch signals new era

Mr B & Friends has launched a new website for leading provider of self-invested personal pension schemes (SIPPs), Curtis Banks.


Curtis Banks website launch signals new era

The new website marks the completion of the rebrand that Curtis Banks has undertaken over the last two years to create a strong, cohesive brand identity following the acquisition of Suffolk Life in 2016.

Combining the propositions as well as defining a single identity for two leading companies that had come together formed a challenge for the team, so a comprehensive UX process helped to establish the best way for users; existing clients and advisers as well prospects to navigate the site with ease. The new website is a departure from the old websites with the new brand reinforcing the core values combined with a clear visual identity for Curtis Banks.

The launch of the website also marks the retirement of the Suffolk Life brand, which Mr B & Friends has worked on since the agency was founded in 2006.

Greg Kingston, Group Communications Director at Curtis Banks, said, “The Curtis Banks rebrand and new website that Mr B & Friends have created marks the next evolution of the Curtis Banks business. Along with our new product and proposition, it is an exciting new chapter for the company as we enhance our digital proposition.”

Mr B & Friends CEO, Simon Barbato, said, “Suffolk Life was one of our founding clients and we’ve been so proud of the work we have done on that brand over the last 13 years, however we’re pleased to be part of the continuing journey the company is on following its acquisition by Curtis Banks. The new identity and website are an excellent manifestation of the relationships and values the companies have fostered and we look forward to seeing the successes that we’re confident Curtis Banks will be able to deliver.”

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director