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Golden rules to get a creative career

The Mr B & Friends X FutureKings team welcomed up and coming creatives to the office for our inaugural Portfolio Review event, organised by designer, Emma Purnell.

Golden rules to get a creative career

Offering the chance for talented individuals from all disciplines to share their best work for feedback, served up with a side of networking, the event proved a hit with attendees.

Wrapping up the evening, we asked the teams to share their top tips for getting into the industry. Here’s our round up of their wise words:

Connections, connections, connections

  1. Talk to people, get your name out there and build relationships. They might not have the job you’re after, but maybe they know someone who does. There are plenty of creative communities out there too -so get joining!
  2. Be persistent. Be patient. Don’t be discouraged and approach as many places as you possibly can. You might get replies from 20. You might get a reply from one, but they might be the one.
  3. Don’t go cold. Nurture your relationships and continue to keep people in the loop with what you’re doing. In the short term you’ll be top of their list for opportunities and hires. In the long term they’re a sounding board for advice and guidance.

Know who you’re talking to

  1. Copy and paste? We can spot it a mile off. Don’t blanket agencies with generic emails. Do your research and dig a little deeper to know who you’re emailing, what they do and what their remit is.
  2. Tailor your approach. Everyone can see the work on the website. Go beyond referencing case studies- find something current and unique to share your opinion on. Recent blog articles, LinkedIn posts or opinion pieces by the person you’re contacting are all great starts.
  3. Show them you understand the world they work in. Think about how the work you’re sharing fits into what they do as an agency, and how it solves problems- for them or their clients.

Share your best

  1. Be choosy. More isn’t always more. Share the work that gets you excited and best demonstrates who you are as a creative.
  2. Show your process. It’s not all about polished mock ups. Show how your creative brain works and take us along for the journey.
  3. Tell a story. Where did your idea come from? Where did you struggle? How did you overcome your challenges? Give your work context.

Know your worth

  1. Keep your eye out for red flags. Low to no pay, trial briefs, shifting goalposts are all warning signs of a culture you probably don’t want to be part of.
  2. It’s easy to get starstruck by an agencies or talent you’ve admired for years but everyone shits the same way. Don’t build them up in your head.
  3. If in doubt ask for advice, you’d be surprised how many people are up for a coffee and a chat.

Bring your energy, not your ego

  1. Be a sponge. Be helpful and available. Be open to feedback. It’s not personal, it’s elevating you to be the best creative you can be.
  2. The creative industries are vast and more varied than you realise. Take hold of every opportunity, you never know where it might take you. Have an open mind and explore everything you can before you settle.
  3. Don’t put yourself in a box. This is your chance to try everything this industry has to offer.

For those that missed the chance to join this portfolio review, we’ll be running another event in the spring. Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and Insta for updates.

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director