News / 24.05.16 / 4 min read

Refreshing Fourpure’s core range

Fourpure Brewing Company, a London based craft beer producer was launched in 2013 and enjoys successful listings at M&S stores nationwide as well as countless bars and restaurants. But, as they gained share in one of the fastest growing categories in the UK drinks market, Fourpure tasked us to increase shelf standout and underline the brand’s unique positioning: Inspired by adventure.

Refreshing Fourpure’s core range

In a category known for brave, illustrative packaging, we had to be bold. With New York, San Francisco and Munich as our inspiration, we created three distinct and vibrant new designs for Fourpure’s core range. For consistency we retained the original colour palette but increased the opacity for a punchier, more arresting result. With Fourpure’s brand awareness at an all time high, we also decided to move the brand’s barley sheaf logo around the can to allow more space on the front for the beautiful illustrations and product name.


Job done – now time to sit back and crack one open!

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director