News / 14.01.19 / 4 min read

Smart animations unveiled for Lightwave brand

Mr B & Friends has unveiled a new family of animated characters as part of a digital marketing campaign for smart home automation company Lightwave.

Smart animations unveiled for Lightwave brand

Lightwave offers cloud platform, applications and over 80 connected devices that together provide fully integrated remote control and monitoring of light, heat, power and security for your home. Its devices are sold online at and in their retail stores around the UK.

The Smarts (Mr Smart, Mrs Smart, Charlie and Watson the dog) are the stars of the company’s new online lighting campaign. In five films (one 90-second film and four 25-second clips) we discover how Lightwave lighting has synced perfectly to the family’s lifestyle – from waking up gently to bedding down in a cosy home.

The beautifully animated films have been brought to life with a nod to the charming stop-motion style of beloved British children’s shows like Trumpton and Camberwick Green. This style provides an enchanting way to showcase the possibilities of Lightwave technology when it’s at the heart of the home. Mr B & Friends teamed up with Golden Mole Productions to produce the films.

Art Director Rob Lewis said, “We want to find a way to capture the simplicity with which the Lightwave products sync to your daily life. Building on the straightforward innocence of childhood animations provided us with an adaptable way of achieving this, and so the Smart family was born.”

Rachel Cowle, Marketing Director at Lightwave, said, “We’re delighted with the Smart family films; we think the characters really help demonstrate the benefits smart lighting can bring to day-to-day life and how perfectly Lightwave technology integrates into a family home.”

A seasonal spin-off of the films launched in December, with the full range to follow at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the fully integrated digital campaign will be continually monitored and optimised by Noble Performs to ensure best results over the period it runs. The cross-channel campaign will include Google Display Network, YouTube and Facebook. To quote the film’s narrator: “how very, very clever.”

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director