News / 26.03.21 / 4 min read

Valuable values

The past 12 months of the pandemic has pushed us to take a little more notice of the four walls around us. The place might need a coat of paint, the furniture bores us, the garden (if you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space) is in need of some TLC now summer is on the way. We’re all DIY-ing – getting our house in order. It’s also made businesses look internally too, not at the walls and office spaces (that’s coming later with hybrid workplaces) – at how they motivate their remote teams and communicate a sense of shared direction and purpose.

Valuable values

If embedded correctly your company values have a big part to play here. And, let’s be clear, I don’t mean the single word bore-offs in the visual above – ‘inspiring, energised, committed, respectful’ etc. These are vanilla, and could be for any company. I mean values created specifically just for your company.

At Mr B & Friends, I’m pretty sure our values got us through the last year.

That’s how highly I rate them, and the methodology we employ for ourselves and our clients. Let’s not beat around the bush this past year – the grey hairs and sleepless nights, the furloughed team, the pulled work, the health and wellbeing of family and friends, it’s been tough. But I firmly believe if your values show a human, relatable side, are easily understood and remembered, it makes getting behind them much easier, and some guide-rails on how you should act as leaders too. Here’s the secret sauce…

Only three and no more. Easy to remember. At a push you could go to four.
Use active language. Short statements giving more meaning. No single words.
That’s it.

Read these and now think of the past year. When it really mattered. When a difficult conversation had to be had, or some empathy needed. Or when the mood was at its lowest and a colleague needed an emotional boost or fresh thinking on a new project.

Be there
The ‘Friends’ in our name means we’re here for each other. If a colleague is overloaded or struggling for ideas, we’ll put our hands up to help. We’re not restricted by our job titles.

Act like it’s yours
Clients entrust us with their money and reputations. We never forget that.

It can be done
Agency life is about challenges, sometimes exciting ones, sometimes ‘ugh’. When we’re faced with a brick wall, we take a deep breath and look for the way over. We look for solutions, not problems.

I hope those values and the explanation of each help to flesh out what it’s like to work with us and for us. How we turn up every day should be 110% visible here, and I could name many times in the past year, I’ve been proud to see this in our team. From the Ops team running the finances and infrastructure, to the client service team keeping relationships and creatives in check, to the planners at the tip of the spear, or ‘opening the batting’ for us.

I’m obviously pretty biased as our values work for us, and only us.

But what about you? This methodology and framework really does work. If your values are just words no-one can remember and aren’t actively living and breathing through your staff – are they really valuable to your business at all?

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director