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Accoya, product branding and digital experience.

With world-beating environmental and performance credentials, Accoya modified wood deserved to be the obvious choice for those looking for a superior wood product, but as a relatively new technology, it had yet to establish its reputation amongst architects, manufacturers and consumers.

Mr B & Friends tapped into the unfulfilled mass market potential of the brand to create a strategy and identity to mark Accoya out as category leaders. We developed an organising thought of ‘a cut above’, asserting that this superwood – chosen for Olympic velodromes and Google HQ – was better than the competition. Supported by three brand pillars of Performance, Finish and Sustainability, this repositioned the brand and added relevancy for key audiences.

The new direction will unequivocally establish the brand as No. 1 within core European markets, justify its premium price point and provide a platform for sub-brands in the category. It will also provide the springboard for launch into new key markets.


Accsys Technologies PLC

Transform Europe Awards Gold 2021

Best visual identity from the engineering and manufacturing sector

Transform Europe Awards Bronze 2021

Best rebrand of a digital property

The brand positioning of ‘a cut above’ was underpinned by three strategic brand pillars against which all messaging was structured.

We designed a bespoke font named ‘Accoya Display’, which uses small cutaways to allude to the brand positioning. The logo was developed to incorporate a ‘tab’ device, giving it a marker for customers to look out for.

The complex science behind the product was explained in simple animations, stripping away jargon to work for consumer audiences whilst protecting valuable IP for competitors’ eyes.

The strategy shifted the brand towards an application-led approach. Bespoke photography showcased the creative flexibility of Accoya wood, with full-bleed and authentic manufacturer images representing the craftsmanship that can be achieved with this quality material.

Accoya Animation
Kate Gorringe quote

This project shows just how a strong organising thought can breathe life into a brand. ‘A cut above’ became our watchword for every creative decision we made, from UX to the paper we specified. A guiding light for everyone working with the brand now and in the future.

Kate Gorringe
Creative Director, Mr B & Friends

With ‘a cut above’ as our benchmark, we built a category-leading website. is tailored to five different regions across the world, providing a market-specific experience. The site includes a knowledge hub, a project portfolio and a ‘where to buy’ function, which links consumers to specific suppliers.

Cambridge Botanical Gardens

The strategic thinking and creative execution will create a revolution in the category and act as the catalyst we’ve needed to take the business to a whole new level.

Laura Keily
Head of Product Marketing, Accsys Technologies PLC