Case study

Kerv, new brand creation.

Kerv is the latest venture from tech entrepreneur Alastair Mills, a longstanding client of Mr B & Friends. The new private equity backed cloud technology business needed a full brand programme to make its name in a heavily populated market.

Having already acquired three businesses, and with more to follow, the start up needed a strong identity creating from scratch. Inspired by the forward-thinking approach of the acquired businesses, we created the name ‘Kerv’, signalling an organisation where both team and technology are ahead of the curve.




3 month programme


Strategy, Creative, Client Services, Digital

From the name and brand positioning we created an iconic and distinctive identity that won’t blend into the background of similar-looking brands.

Kerv imagery

We weaved the curves of the identity into imagery and brand assets to make it more distinctive and tell stories of movement and success.

Steve Richardson quote

With such a brilliant name we had a lot to live up to. To steer clear of the blandness of the tech market we created a bespoke hand-crafted mark that says it as you see it. This was then teamed with a vibrant colour palette, distinctive messaging and imagery. We look forward to developing the brand further as the business progresses.

Steve Richardson
Executive Creative Director, Mr B & Friends

Alongside brand guidelines we developed a tone of voice that’s conversational, down-to-earth and open. With a proposition based around tech solutions tailored to the individual, accessible language was key. We designed collateral for the Kerv team to launch the new brand effectively internally.


A basic website was the final touch for this stage – an initial landing point that will be developed further as the business builds in the coming months.

Kerv BandGuidelines Laid Out

The pursuit of excellence in every stage of the process was exemplary and the whole programme was managed seamlessly. We are thrilled with the outcome and confident that we have created a new brand and organisational attitude that will shake up a category that has become rather predictable. Kerv fits our vision perfectly.

Alastair Mills
Chairman, Kerv