Opinion / 30.03.21 / 4 min read

Brand Expertise. With No Added Nonsense.

NAN (as we like to call it) is a promise to ourselves, our clients and our industry.

For reasons unfathomable, over the years, the creative industry has added layers of complexity, complicated jargon, confusing processes and models, and frankly a load of nonsense. The effect of this can often distract from the great work and commercial impact that agencies can have on the client organisations they work with.

Brand Expertise. With No Added Nonsense.

In fact, the skill of a brilliant agency (and generally what clients mostly want) is to simplify, remove complexity, explain things clearly, make life easier, create brilliant work and get to what matters most. With none of the added nonsense.

So, we took a long hard look at ourselves and the practices of our industry and agreed that if it looked and sounded like nonsense, it most probably was. And with a critical eye, we’ve worked through what and how we do things internally and externally, and removed or changed things that didn’t reflect our new promise.

Today, NAN is our promise, and these are our commitments.


Jargon? It’s not for us and it’s probably not for you either. We steer clear of the waffle that often demonstrates a lack of understanding. We won’t do convoluted, complicated descriptions that lose their intent. We say what we mean, and we’ll say it in straightforward, everyday language; the kind your Nan would understand. In simple terms, we get to the point.


If you choose to work with us, you’ll find engaging a very simple process. Our terms are written in plain English, less than two pages long and mutually protective. We focus on what matters most. We don’t believe in demanding long-term contracts from our clients, unless, as is the case on occasion, they are required. This means we spend less time negotiating, and more time acting on your behalf.


With ‘friends’ in our name, you can imagine how important relationships are to us. We will never treat your work as transactional, no matter the size. Because we’ll view every brief and project as part of a wider brand building mission that we’re helping you to achieve. We’re an agency that genuinely cares and our goal is that every single exchange you have with us is a fun and rewarding experience.


We know that client-agency relationships can sometimes go sour when hidden extras emerge. We’ll agree the scope and budget with you, provide clear and unambiguous proposals and unless there’s a significant change in the brief, that’ll be the price you’ll pay. Transparency is key. There’ll be no nasty shocks on our watch.


Sometimes, things just need to get done quickly, and the last thing anyone needs is seeing complexity, unnecessary time or process added when you’re up against the clock or a budget. We’re experienced people and would never take a short cut if it was detrimental, but equally we have the know-how to cut through and deliver at pace. Action over distraction every time.


Our client service team are among the brightest and best in the business, skilled in both building great relationships and the elegant delivery of projects. Their strength is their ability to listen to what’s required, add real value and move quickly for you. There are no blockers in our team. Just responsive, positive, capable and ever-present people keen to help.


Results. That’s what matters at the end of the day right? Tangible brand and business growth that delivers a measurable return. However passionate we are about what we do, we still need to deliver on the numbers to build your business. We do this through using our expertise to create effective solutions to hit your targets. In short, we want to get you the most bang for your buck. And that won’t come at the expense of creativity. It’ll all look stunning as a matter of course.


We ask a lot of questions. That’s because when we understand your business really well, we can deliver better results. Part of knowing your business and your brand means that we’ll never view a brief in isolation. It’s a case of thinking before just doing. With every tactical brief we receive we’ll make sure that it’s all adding up to the bigger picture, and that it’s going to contribute to your overall brand vision. Blinkers off.


Not every business or communications problem can be solved with a solution out of our tool box. 15 years in business has taught us that focusing on helping clients, providing expert advice, acting with integrity and delivering great results will grow relationships successfully. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need, or engineer our solution to your problem. If we’re not the right fit for your brief, we’ll tell you. And if we know an expert who can help, we’ll point you in the right direction.


Consistency is vital in forging great partnerships so as far as possible we want to make sure your team remains your team. We won’t dazzle you with the agency’s most senior members only for them to vanish from the picture once we’re appointed. Your team will work hard to learn about your business, brand, customers and commercial objectives. The benefits are obvious. Solid knowledge of your business, better relationships and an extension of your client team.

Simon Barbato