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Opening the doors for creative careers

The skills and talents we look for in new entrants to the creative sector can be found across all of society; all races, all genders, all classes and backgrounds produce the kind of person that has the right set of talents to add to the pool. As an industry that thrives and prides itself on new ideas, new takes and breaking down barriers it’s a no-brainer that the greater the diversity of experience in the workforce, the greater the depth of insight and solutions we can offer. Yet, if you step inside the average UK creative agency it won’t take long for you realise that minorities are underrepresented.

Opening the doors for creative careers


In 2017 Mr B & Friends decided to become part of the solution and formed a working group tasked with addressing imbalances in the industry through improving prospects for underrepresented groups. Together, we’re working towards change in several areas, from our partnerships with Kerning the Gap, setting up the Bristol chapter of Ladies, Wine and Design, to reviewing our internal policies on flexible working, performance and pay reviews. We also developed a Schools Outreach Strategy and developed a programme of events and activities which aims to provide students from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds with much needed insight on routes to entry and give realistic expectations of career pathways.

Since its foundation the Outreach Programme has formed partnerships with a number of schools and organisations and we’ve been a busy bunch. We’ve visited schools, hosted numerous meaningful work experience placements, attended careers fairs, provided one-on-one portfolio feedback and welcomed almost a hundred students into the studio for insight sessions (not all at the same time). Our mission is far from over though and we’re always looking for new partnerships and opportunities, so if you’re a student looking for advice, a school that wants to know more about our industry or an organisation already working in this area then get in touch, let’s see what difference we can make when we all band together.



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