Opinion / 18.07.18 / 4 min read

PDA for PWA – a solution for global conferences

The Mr B & Friends’ digital team are always on the hunt for ways to make clients’ and users’ lives easier. And right now the developers are enjoying their first success with PWA after adopting it for a client project.  

PDA for PWA – a solution for global conferences

A PWA (Progressive Web App) is the middle ground between a responsive website and a native iPhone/ Android app. Accessed via a normal web URL, by clicking on the link, the PWA automatically downloads key content to the device making it accessible offline without any internet connection. Users can also opt to add the PWA icon to their homescreen, which increases chances for engagement. All of this makes PWAs a perfect solution for commuting and conferences. And there’s no need to download updates as these are released instantly. In summary, PWA enables a better user experience through increased speeds while being more cost effective to develop. What’s not to love?

Since attending a two-day Google training workshop last year, Technical Lead, Dave Smith, has been keen to apply the new technology to solve clients’ business needs. He’s recently had the chance as we’ve launched a PWA that takes the form of an article-based news and communications hub for a global client. The purpose in this instance is to share business strategy updates with the wider company in a way that is readily accessible. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and already we can see the value this could bring to further client briefs.

The implementation of PWA allows users to view content while offline, caches bookmarked data for offline reference and allows greater content shareability via links. Unlike most native apps, which tend to be limited to one or two platforms, PWA works whatever OS you’re using.

PWA is already proving its benefits with some big name companies who have adopted the architecture; Tinder has cut load times by over 60%, Uber is able to load in less than 3 seconds on 2g networks and Trivago has increased engagement by 150%. Even more convincingly, Petlove has achieved a whopping 280% increase in conversions. With Google fully backing the technology its influence looks set to rise.

Check out our past work on global conferences here. Or, to find out more about PWAs, contact the team on: digital@mrbandfriends.co.uk

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director