Opinion / 13.01.17 / 4 min read

Techies with the human touch!

2017 is off to a flying start in Mr B Towers with the launch of the newly rebranded TechBenefits website.

Techies with the human touch!

We have been developing a refreshed identity and responsive ecommerce site for employee benefits provider TechBenefits, offering the latest tech through salary sacrifice.

TechBenefits (www.techbenefits.co.uk) works by employers, allowing their employees to browse an online shop and select what tech they want, including laptops, speakers, headphones and TVs. Employees are then able to pay monthly through salary sacrifice.

 The joy of unboxing

“The big difference with TechBenefits is there are no middle-men. They are the techies who recommend the right technology for you, as well as any accessories and set-up required. The product is the best of both worlds, an efficient online shop, with the added value of tech experts running it. We decided to build our strategy around this as well as the pure joy we all feel when unboxing a shiny new piece of kit” says our ECD, Steve Richardson.

 Sacrifice nothing

We explored territories for the brand, working collaboratively with the TechBenefits team, before developing the brand idea and proposition of ‘sacrifice nothing.’

Our creative team led by Steve Richardson and Design Director Sheena Mistry developed a refreshed identity, tone of voice, palette and visual language that was full of wit and energy. The identity system features a jumping man icon, evolved from an earlier marque. With this as TechBenefits basis, we directed a range of new product imagery featuring the beautiful technology on offer. Using a combination of these images, lifestyle shots and some playful illustrations of the tech team, the brand style started to take shape.

 Selling like hi-tech hot cakes

“We knew from the very start that a seamless digital experience was very important for both employees interested in sourcing new tech, and for employers looking to motivate staff. Following meetings with the team and UX workshops we were able to build experiences for both employees and employers as well as a completely new shop and product pages. This along with a  ‘tech-tip’ style blog, keeps content fresh, and up-to-date” says our Design Director, Sheena Mistry.

Of the website, Rob Lowe, our Digital Director says: “Hidden behind the design of the TechBenefits website is a bespoke eCommerce platform developed using open source web technologies. Powered by the Laravel PHP framework, the shop has been crafted from the ground up to meet the demands of TechBenefits’ unique order processing model.

Capable of handling thousands of products across hundreds of companies, the entire application is also securely integrated into TechBenefits’ third party backend order management system, ensuring that administrators can easily manage fulfillment whilst providing real-time feedback to website users via a secure online customer portal. Fully scalable, the system is designed to be modular in nature allowing for the rapid development of new features and functionality.”

Mark Hooper, Managing Director of TechBenefits comments on the project: “When we decided to invest again in the website and look to build on our success, we had no second thoughts about working with Mr B & Friends. They took time to understand our products and service, creating a brand which feels right at home with the high-end products we sell.”

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Director