Case studyBristol & Weston Hospitals Charity

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity, Brand positioning and identity.

When two South West hospital charities came together as one they needed a brand that shone as brightly as the team and their supporters. We designed the brand strategy and visual identity that reflected this energy and positivity.

The distinctive new identity will provide a platform to launch the unified charity, engaging both new and existing supporters. Built from an organising thought of ‘Do great things’, the new brand shows the huge potential of the merger.

The logo’s sunburst acts as a visual metaphor for the work the charity does. It radiates the positivity synonymous with the team’s approach to fundraising, creating a truly single-minded beacon for their brand. A playful, punchy tone of voice instils a dynamic sense of personality, resulting in an identity that’s hard to ignore.


Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity


2 months


Strategy, Creative, Client Services

Built from an organising thought of ‘Do great things’, the brand is built around the moments where people use their achievements to fuel fundraising. The charity supports 10 sites in the South West and raises funds for the projects that make a big difference to patients, beyond what the NHS is able to provide.

The sunburst acts as a visual metaphor for the brand. It’s the joy they deliver, the mark they make and the spark they ignite. It’s bright, bold and sets BWHC apart from others in the same space. Supported by inspiring photography and a playful tone of voice, the identity has been designed with multiple applications in mind. It will feature on a huge range of touchpoints, from on-site shops through to the landing page.

“We wanted to create an identity that radiated positivity, one that celebrated the community at the heart of the charity and threw a spotlight on the difference that everyone can make. ‘Do Great Things’ was the perfect platform to achieve this, allowing us to steer clear of the familiar ‘go-to’s’ of the charity sector, resulting in a brand that’s simply hard to ignore.”

Kieran Hawes
Middleweight Designer
Mr B & Friends

“Our new identity radiates positivity. Mr B & Friends has really embraced our cause and with this new look we’re looking forward to being a bold, positive and energetic force across Bristol and Weston.”

Paul Kearney
Chief Executive
Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity