Finding a better way to the cloud

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Finding a better way to the cloud

In the faceless world of cloud providers, it’s easy to blend in. Next to no companies have a clear, defendable narrative they can own. Even less have a memorable brand or personable approach to business.

After years working in-house as part of the leadership team at Amazon, two colleagues decided to do something about it. Setting out to unlock the full potential of the cloud by creating a data and AI consultancy of their own, built on inside knowledge. Shaping a better way of doing things by putting trusting relationships and people first.

When founders come to you with a dream of delivering technology to better society and a passion to shake up the culture of DE&I in a sleepy sector, you know it calls for an identity to do things justice.

And so, Rayo was born. Not just a name that shines light on a better way to conquer the cloud, but a friendly guide by your side. A partner you can trust.

Taking the sting out of complexity. Swimming against the tide to seek new possibilities.

Rayo’s identity is a symbol for its people. A distinctive brand in a samey sector with integrity at its heart, inclusion in its DNA and client success as its NorthStar.

Helpful. Optimistic. Spirited.
Meet Rayo.

With thanks to...
Olivia Cox, Sam Durkin, Kate Gorringe, Chris Hayman, Sam Lambert, Neil Lenihan, Ellie McChesney, Liam Smith, Dave Warfield, Rob Whitmore