Exciting new beginnings and good old times

By Georgia Adsett 3 years ago
Simon Barbato 10 year party

You may have heard on the grapevine that we’ve just moved to Bristol. Yup, that’s right, we’ve packed our bags and said a fond farewell to the Georgian city of Bath, its wonderful weir, cosy cafes and our fave ever chip shop (love you long time Scallop Shell!) in favour of a room(ier office) with a view in Temple Quarter.

Last month was spent knee deep in boxes, packing up the agency, before the big move on Friday 4th August. It’s been a perfect opportunity to reminisce with the team about some of our favourite memories in Bath over the years, as we look towards an exciting future in Bristol.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane to celebrate Mr B & Friends, from then ‘til now…

It all began in a bedroom 11 years ago, when Si set up the agency.

Ahhh 2006 – the year that Si moved into Bath city centre, into a lovely Georgian building called the ‘Dispensary’. Then came 2007 – the year that the first iPhone was released, the year that Britney had her breakdown and the Spice Girls went on their reunion tour… what a memorable time!

In 2008 things started getting seriously busy and Si put out a call for help from his long time friend and colleague Steve Richardson. Steve however, was the other side of the world running Interbrand’s Auckland creative team. After a lot of discussion and some jiggery pokery, Steve upped sticks, packed everything into a container and headed to the UK with his family to become Mr B & Friends Partner and Creative Director. And, as Steve and Si planned, the agency grew and grew. When we reached 12 Mr B er’s, we left The Dispensary and took on 4 Palace Yard Mews as our new home. And just carried on growing…

We got bigger…

…And a little bigger still.

Until we were bursting at the seams!

In 2014, with too many bods in the office, we knocked through the wall into the neighbouring building and our address became 4 / 5 Palace Yard mews. This saw the addition of CXCO – our customer experience consultancy, headed up by Charlie Williams, our CX Practitioner.

Joining the team was a no-brainer. If the brand sets the customer expectation, customer experience happens when that expectation meets reality; the two disciplines combine to deliver better financial outcomes for the client.

Along with Charlie, we saw more incredible talent join the ranks, and our digital team grew from strength to strength along with our creative team. We also saw the addition of our strategy & planning team in 2016 and our client base kept on growing as we did.




The addition of a conference room at no.5 was a perk for client meetings and big creative sessions, and it even freed up the Common room for collaborative working opportunities and MANY a birthday celebration, with speeches, cake and ample embarrassment for the birthday guy/gal! Arguably, the most contentious issue surrounding such events was the selection of dips available for the cheese straws. Following an aghast observation of ‘double dip’ culprits, the Ops team began purchasing mini cheese straws to discourage such behaviour…

But we’ve had more than just birthdays to celebrate over the years. Other memorable events include client wins, the ten-year party, our ‘Get Fit At Work’ sessions and team socials.

“Some of my funniest memories include catching a tan in the office while working with no blinds, the best lunchbreak ever spent on the Waltzers in Victoria park and all the weird notes we got posted through the letter box at work! Ill miss our evening drinks at Sub13, our fish n chip Fridays and lunch time shopping sprees in Bath!

– Sheena, Design Director

The annual Mr B Bake off has been going strong for a few years and we’ve seen some show stoppers that Mary Berry wishes she could have put her name against – (special shout out to Sophie Kemp’s sugar fantasy castle of ‘15)! Last year’s bake off was definitely the most epic yet, with 6 bitesize bakes per week for eight weeks ending with a finale of Christmas themed bakes.

We managed to raise a massive £400 for the Jessie May Trust, our nominated agency charity. Luckily we had the Get fit At Work sessions to keep our waistlines in check!”

 – Sara, Junior Designer


10 year party team photo



We might have moved to a new location, but we bring with us our unique culture that’s a core part of who we are and how we work. We were delighted to win Silver at the UK Employee Experience Awards this year, for Employee Insight and Feedback and want to say a huge thanks to the team for their help during the move to Bristol. It’s a big step for the agency as we look to grow the team and the business.

“The move from Bath to Bristol was a logical step for the agency. We needed to find suitable premises that we could continue to grow into, and in an area that’s a dynamic commercial centre. Temple Quarter is perfect: accessible and we are surrounded by organisations that we’d be interested in working with.

We were also very aware that over 60 per cent of our staff came from Bristol, and the city is fast becoming known as the second creative hub in the UK, with outstanding digital and technology talent settling here – it made perfect sense to begin the next chapter of our story in a city that’s going places.”

 – Simon B, CEO

The new open-plan office allows us to work more collaboratively and openly. With direction from Steve, our Executive Creative Director, the interior designers have managed to achieve a very creative space in what is a fairly corporate building. With the layout, design, furniture and lighting presenting quality, creativity and collaboration. The finishing touches are being put in place over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for a sneaky peak at the new office space in the near future!

So there you have it, our story to date.

Want to be a part of it? Keep an eye out for any future vacancies here!


Exciting new beginnings and good old times

You may have heard on the grapevine that we’ve just moved to Bristol. Yup, that’s right, we’ve packed our bags and said a fond farewell to the Georgian city of Bath, its wonderful weir, cosy cafes and our fave ever chip shop (love you long time Scallop Shell!) in favour of a room(ier office) with…