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Where Next: Lessons learned in my first five jobs – Starring Liam Smith

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By Kelly Chan 10 months ago

This week, our Senior Strategic Planner, Liam Smith, takes center stage to tell us of his journey to Mr B & Friends. Liam will take us through his first five jobs and outline some of the most important lessons learnt from these experiences. Take it away, Liam…

1. Labourer

This was my first job whilst I was still at school. I helped my Dad lug around heavy granite worktops that he installed in kitchens.

LESSON: That good, honest, hard graft was tough and it hurt my delicate hands! Suggesting that a career sat at a keyboard was probably more suited to me.

2. Catering Assistant

During university holidays I worked at a local school as a ‘dinner lady’ (dinner man?) serving meals to the kids and teachers.

LESSON: Working with kids was not something I wanted to do full-time. Some of the teachers had the patience of a saint. A quality that, I discovered, I did not possess!

3. Barman

Again during the holidays this was a part-time job pulling pints in my local.

LESSON: Being a good listener is important to building relationships. I met quite a lot of interesting characters working in a pub, and by actually listening to people’s stories, opinions and anecdotes you can endear yourself to them quite quickly. A quality that I think is important if you’re in any industry that services clients.

4. Door-to-Door Salesman

This was a brief stint working for a charity whilst I was travelling in Australia. I had to knock on doors in Brisbane, selling people pens, mugs, notebooks and key rings to raise funds for the charity.

LESSON: That having your sales pitch practiced, rehearsed and nailed definitely yields better results than being unprepared and trying to wing-it!

5. Graduate Management Trainee

This was my first ‘proper’ job after university. I worked for a car rental company on their management and marketing grad scheme.

LESSON: If you can get under the skin of your target audience and understand what motivates them, what gets them out of bed each day, and where your brand can play a meaningful and credible role in their lives, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling (or renting!) you’re onto a winner.

That’s all we’ve got time for this week, folks. Where next for Liam?