Bath Rugby is one of the world’s most famous professional rugby clubs.

They play their home games in the heart of a historic, world heritage city bringing excitement and theatre on match days.

To compete professionally, Bath Rugby is planning to re-develop their stadium in order to provide a 27,000 seat arena. However in order to capitalise, they needed to secure the next generation of supporters.

Where next? Recruitment of a legion of young fans.


It was time to get the next generation of Bath supporters onside.

The Junior Member Club (JMC) was born, but it needed a brand icon.

Inspired by Bath Rugby’s ‘legendary performance’, coupled with the celebrated Roman heritage of its hometown, we created a new brand positioning for the Junior Members Club as a place of ‘Legends in the making’. After much debate and research into trends in gaming and youth culture, we created a new brand and mascot called Maximus the Lion. After crafting Max’s look and warrior attire, we worked alongside Russian illustrator Sergei Klyuchnikov, who has a wonderful and hand-drawn comic style, suited to the brief to bring him to life in a series of poses.

A new home for Max and his Gladiators

Rugby in Bath, with the ground in the city centre, and the pester power of children who want to meet the players, including Max, helped to create the perfect stage for the brand.

Digital Strategy

From pitch-side to pixel

Max came roaring to life through an interactive microsite targeting each of the three different age groups, from 0 – 15, within the Junior Member Club. We developed a narrative and tone of voice that would touchdown with every age.

Becoming the star of online games, freebies, membership materials, news, training tips and much more, Max became the captivating new spokesman for Bath Rugby.

“Mr B & Friends are a great team to work with and are all heavily invested in their clients. They challenged me and often steered me on a different path where they felt appropriate and the end result of what they have delivered has surpassed all expectations.”

Jamie Warren
Marketing Manager Bath Rugby



Recruited 3000 new young members in the first 6 months.


Max is now a focal point for younger supporters and is one of the Premierships most recognised team mascots.

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