Victoria Hall is an award winning developer and operator of premium student accommodation across the UK.

When Victoria Hall came to us, they faced a problem. In a sea of student homes, their brand wasn’t getting the stand out it deserved. With a bevy of awards under its belt and 12,000 beds to its name, Victoria Hall needed to show students, as well as potential investors, that its unique brand of university living deserves attention.

What Victoria Hall needed was a new positioning and visual identity that couldn’t be ignored. We needed to showcase what makes Victoria Hall different from the rest.


Being the perfect Host.

After hours of market research, brand workshops and in depth discovery sessions, we finally hit the nail on the head. Victoria Hall is the perfect host. In fact, it’s hassle-free student living at its best. All bills including and absolutely everything taken care of. Victoria Hall students don’t need to lift a finger.

Host. Where students are at home.

Simple, straightforward, does exactly what it says and less of a mouthful than Victoria Hall. Host was the way forward. What’s more, it’s derived from “providing homes for students”. Perfect.


Host. Welcome home to hassle-free student living.

Next, we needed to bring Host to life. How could this new name translate into a brand and website that was as friendly and accessible as the word suggests, yet still have the appeal of an aspirational lifestyle brand?

We decided to give Host the approach of a cool older brother or sister, showing the way without patronising.

A whole new tone of voice was developed. Giving Host a chatty, caring, empathetic, informal and inclusive feel. Like a big bear hug full of warmth and friendliness.

One of those days? Let’s chat. Host is where the heart is.

In a marketplace where looks mean everything, Host had to look the part. We developed a new visual identity that’s fresh, bold, dynamic and contemporary with a touch of boutique.

The use of emoticons and graphics help to break down language barriers for international students. Making Host the most inclusive accommodation choice for students.

Digital strategy

Hassle-free student living. Just a click away.

An intensive UX workshop was conducted to make sure that the website could provide all of the information a student searching for a university home needs, in the fastest and most straightforward way possible. Our aim was to make Host’s application process as hassle-free as its living experience.

By integrated the new website with Host’s booking portal StarRez, users can now manage their bookings, make payments and contact hall representatives in just the click of a button.

Taking into account Host’s digital native user base, we made sure the site had an intuitive cross platform user experience. UX and design were completed with a mobile first approach, allowing students to secure their home from any location on any device.
The new site now enables research, bookings and enquiries about accommodation with the option to create ‘favourites’ during searching.

Host’s new visual identity has also been incorporated throughout to balance a welcoming interface with new and improved functionality.

20 years old never looked so good.

Our brand transformation coincides with Victoria Hall’s 20th anniversary. Now here’s to the next 20.

“The purpose built student accommodation market is burgeoning in the UK and to remain relevant, Victoria Hall Management Ltd needed to transform. Other providers are using brand as a competitive advantage and therefore making this brand distinctive was a challenge. Our strategic solution and name was the perfect platform for the company to relaunch, refresh and renew their proposition. We are delighted to be able to help Victoria Hall Management Ltd achieve a stunning new brand.”

Simon Barbato,
CEO, Mr B & Friends

"We’re thrilled with the results of the collaboration with Mr B & Friends. The new brand and website is really cutting edge and puts us at the forefront of the student accommodation market."

Louise Cant,
Marketing Director,
Be our guest. Take a look at Host for yourself.
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