Six Degrees Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of converged technology solutions.

Back in 2011 Six Degrees Group (6DG) Founder Alastair Mills first approached Mr B & Friends with a blank sheet of paper and asked us for a new positioning, name and identity for his funded technology start-up. Six years later with £100 million revenue, 520 staff and after unprecedented growth the company needed a new visual identity to reflect the successful business it’s become.

In a market where all technology solutions blur into same-same, me-too and homogeny, 6DG are different. They work hard to create better efficiencies, higher productivity, outstanding value and improved customer experience through smart converged technology solutions.


Alive with technology.

6DG is home to some of the brightest minds in the tech industry – they combine dynamism, ambition and customer-centric thinking. The services they offer link people and places via a fully integrated range of cloud, datacentre, connectivity, UC and voice services. The smartest people coupled with the best technology can bring new life and energy to a business, so we felt that Alive with Technology was a fitting organising thought.


Bringing people and technology together.

Tech businesses often adopt a similar brand look and lack standout in their sector. We quickly established that the people at 6DG were an integral part of what made the company successful and began creating visual themes and exploring creatively what ‘Alive with Technology’ could mean. These videos not only expressed 6DG’s extensive service offering, but also the culture, capability and energy of each of its teams. With 6DG we wanted to put their people firmly in the spotlight.


Candid camera

We used a natural, authentic photography style to capture the team in their everyday environment. The light, open-plan office provided the ideal space to show the team as they went about their business. The collaborative atmosphere is evident, and the use of time-lapse shots illustrates the bustling, energetic pace of the company.

six-degrees-meeting-lanyards six-degrees-man-working-at-desk
six-degrees-man-photo six-degrees-brainstorm-session
Digital Strategy

A website that’s as dynamic as the business.

The responsive website is as engaging and smart as the people that make 6DG what it is. Video, animation and stunning interactive design, help to bring the whole 6DG experience to life, giving the website a reactionary feel, while making the content more relevant to its user.

All of the above has been seamlessly woven into a rich and responsive website, which is powered by a flexible open source CMS.


The Six Degrees Ecosystem.

The new and improved user journey includes ‘The Six Degrees Ecosystem’, an interactive tool that allows users to explore each service and solution that 6DG offers. This tool gives visitors to the site the ability to explore the service offerings further without being bombarded with too much information upfront.

The Ecosystem has been developed using scalable vector graphics (SVGs), which adapt to display perfectly across all device sizes. Custom JavaScript is then employed to bring the graphics to life using smooth animations that make use of the very latest HTML5 techniques. Interactive touch points allow users to dive deeper into each individual ‘world’ with additional content being revealed on demand.


Take a look at for yourself.

“We rate the Mr B & Friends team very highly. We know that there’s a lot of talent amongst the team and that they will always come up with the goods.”

Alastair Mills,
Six Degrees Group



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